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How is it possible that we can offer better prices than chirply.io?
Chirply, a Tier 5 software, is an amazing software that allows you to automate your digital marketing: send and receive text and multi-media messages; make live phone calls right from your web browser; send ringless voicemail drops(RVD); out reach campaigns; and much more.

David “Diesel” McClain (everyone calls him Diesel); who is the founder and owner of Columbus Web Consultant; loves Tier5 software! After 4+ years of using their software, he decided it was time to buy in! He became an investing partner and affiliate to be able offer Tier5 software to his clients and, now, the general public!

You can now get Chirply; retail price ranges from $97 a month to $997 a month based on usage; for a wholesale, discounted price of up to 50% off retail! Diesel and Columbus Web Consultant’s partnership offers you the chance to save!

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If you have any questions; would like to see a demo or trial of our software; or anything else, feel free to send us an email, shoot us a text, or a call!

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    Chirply Pricing FAQ

    Do you offer a free demo or trial?

    schedule a sit down to walk through what Chirply can do for you!

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    Do I have to pay for updates to the software?

    There are no costs for updates of our software. All new features we add and necessary updates are handled on our end with no additional fess passed on to our subscribers. Since the software is stored on our servers, “in the cloud”, they will automatically show up in your dashboard!

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    What additional fees are there?

    There are no additional fees from our software. We integrate with Twilio which is the “carrier” or service provider for the registration of your numbers and the converting of your phone calls and text messages. Unlike other software in the market, we do not charge you any fees or up charges for sending and receiving texts, phone calls, etc. All costs from Twilio will be handled through Twilio.

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    What are Twilio’s fees?

    Twilio’s prices are based on the geographical locations or areas you want to use their services. This means prices vary from country to country. At the time of writing this, Twilio charges $1 per month for local numbers, $2 per month for toll-free numbers, $0.0075 per SMS, $0.0085 per minute for inbound calls, and $0.013 per minute for outbound calls in the US. These prices are subject to change and not in our control. Check with Twilio for current rates and plans in your areas.

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    Can I upgrade my plan with Chirply or am I stuck at my current usage levels?

    Yes, of course! You can start at one of our smaller plans; and, as your usage grows and the need for more comes in to play, just reach out to us to help you upgrade your account! It is easy to upgrade your account, so that you don’t loose any of your data.

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    Does ChirplyReview.com have a long term contract or commitment?

    Absolutely no contracts! Although we do offer discounts for purchasing plans in larger lengths, there are no contracts; and, you are billed month to month. If you decide you no longer wish to use the service, reach out to our billing department to make changes to your account. Remember, you can suspend your account at any time; but, once you delete your account all data is wiped clean from our servers and can not be recovered.

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