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Twilio & chirply integration

How do I integrate Twilio with Chirply?

One of the best things about Chirply is the fact that it integrates with Twilio with no added fees! The other software in the market charges you fees for each and every call or text you send. We don’t at all! Any costs associated with Twilio usage is charged by them; and, we don’t play middle man at all.

Why do I need to use Twilio and Chirply? The easiest way to explain the two to you is: Twilio is your “carrier” and Chirply is your “phone”. Both of these have to work together to get your communications through. You need service and a device running software to make everything work properly.

Chirply Review has made image slides, written instructions, and a video to help you get setup. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help! Remember, you can save up to 50% off retail prices of Chirply with us! Check out our pricing plans!

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How To
Integrate Twilio

Written Step-By-Step Guide below
Chirply and Twilio Integration

How Do You Integrate
Twilio and Chirply?

First thing you want to do is to get a Twilio account. You can get $10 in free credit using our referral link: click here.

Once you create a Twilio account, you will need to activate it billing. This will allow your account to get out of “trial mode”.

If you do not do this, it will not work. It will let you purchase numbers. However, the functionality will be limited. You will get errors when trying to send texts or calls.

Once you have an activated Twilio account, you will need to copy your Account SID and Auth Token. You will need these to allow Chirply to connect to your Twilio account.

Don’t share these with anyone else. These are proprietary to your account; so, keep them secure.

In the upper right hand corner of your Chirply dashboard, select the drop down and go to settings.

In settings, select the Twilio option. It will ask you for your Twilio Live Sender ID and Twilio Live Token. These are your Account SID and Auth Token, respectively.

Add them in their appropriate boxes and hit save. Now, you are connected to their APIs; and, you are ready to start sending and receiving texts and calls!

You can purchase numbers right from Chirply’s dashboard. Occasionally, I purchases numbers directly in Twilio or make account changes. If you do this, it is important to make sure you “RESYNC” your account. You can find this on the same page where you added your API keys in the settings.

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Have Questions?

    Chirply FAQ

    What integrations can be setup with Chirply?

    Chirply has built in integration with Twilio, Google’s API, email platforms, and a lot more. With our direct integration with Zapier, the possibilities of what you can use our software for is virtually limitless!

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    With Chriply, how soon can I start sending out messages?

    After your payment is made, your account created, and you have linked up your Twilio account, you will be ready to go! This can be done in as little as a few minutes. Once you have Twilio and Chirply synced, you can begin to setup your campaigns to be automated or manually send out your communications.

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    What additional fees are there?

    There are no additional fees from our software. We integrate with Twilio which is the “carrier” or service provider for the registration of your numbers and the converting of your phone calls and text messages. Unlike other software in the market, we do not charge you any fees or up charges for sending and receiving texts, phone calls, etc. All costs from Twilio will be handled through Twilio.

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    What are Twilio’s fees?

    Twilio’s prices are based on the geographical locations or areas you want to use their services. This means prices vary from country to country. At the time of writing this, Twilio charges $1 per month for local numbers, $2 per month for toll-free numbers, $0.0075 per SMS, $0.0085 per minute for inbound calls, and $0.013 per minute for outbound calls in the US. These prices are subject to change and not in our control. Check with Twilio for current rates and plans in your areas.

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    Can you use Chirply for cold calling?

    Chirply’s software can be used for a variety of marketing services; and, outbound calling can easily be done through the Browser Dialer in your dashboard. This will allow you to make manual calls for cold outreach, if you do not have information already in our software for your contacts.

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    Can I send long messages with Chirply or are they limited?

    Why there is no character or word limit with our software, the cost and ability to send messages is based on the standard formats and rates that Twilio has in place. These limits are the same as a traditional message you would send from your personal cell phone to someone else. Make sure you watch your messages and keep them compacted, when possible, just as you would if you were shooting a message off to one of your contacts.

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